dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Convert any text to a string literal

The last couple of months I found myself trying to convert pieces of code or html to a string allot.  Some of the stuff I was trying to do includes:
All of the above required me to convert text with allot of quotes and abnormal characters into a string.  I searched the internet for some conversion site that would do this for me but couldn’t find one.  The only option that I had left was to write one of my own.

So if you are ever in the need to convert some pesky piece of text to a string and you’re not masochistic enough to do it manually, then be free to go to http://texttostringliteral.lucbos.net/ and this utility website will do it for you :-)

Till next time!

Small note: I’ve noticed the site takes a couple of seconds to load when my host recycled it.