woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Breakfast and Keynote delight at build

The first day of build ended yesterday and it was great.

After a great breakfast provided by Microsoft, which was allot better than what our hotel has to offer, we got in line for the keynote.  The tent in which the keynote was hosted was impressive.  Jordan Rudess gave us a musical show on his musical windows 8 app.

Next Ballmer entered and demoed a whole range of windows 8 devices. He did a pretty good job entertaining us and I’ve never seen hem perform like this.  Then off course the big announcement came and after teasing us with the 100gb of skydrive storage (which is also great) he announced that we would get a surface RT.  Good move as it would force developers to start writing the apps they miss on the RT version of windows 8.

Windows Phone 8 was extensively shown after and as a last guest Richard Kerris of Nokia came on stage and told us we would receive the newest Lumia 920!  The crowd was ecstatic after that and the mood was set for everyone at build. 

I’m off to breakfast now and the second keynote.  It’s kind of a mystery what they’ll announce there, but I’m guessing it will be azure, office and xbox.

Till next post!

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