dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

Build 2012

Yesterday a colleague of mine and I went to the registration of the Microsoft Build conference.  When we arrived after driving fifteen minutes on the Microsoft Campus we finally found building 92 for the registration.  The waiting line was pretty long, but after an hour we got inside and received our badge and ‘goodiebag’. The goodiebag was pretty empty, besides a shirt and an MSDN magazine.  Guess whatever goodies Microsoft will hand out, they will do it at one of the two keynotes, Tuesday or Wednesday. We also got a discount coupon so we could buy stuff in the Microsoft employee store.

Then we got to a demo room with all kinds of Windows 8 tablets and PCs.  I finally got to lay my hands on the surface, and it feels like on sturdy, well build, good looking device.  The mechanical satisfaction of clapping out the kick stand is phenomenal and the way the keyboard clicks into the tablet is flawless. 

I’ve got to get myself ready now so I won’t be late for breakfast.
Keep tuned for more Build ramblings! ;-)

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